Wood beams and their usage

Wood beams are constructed from several materials including sawn lumber or engineered wood. Wooden beams can also be constructed from assembling of smaller wooden components to create a whole beam that would be used for construction. This is just one of the ways through which wooden beams can be made. Wooden beams are common in floors and roofs due to their high ability to withstand huge levels of pressure too great extents. However, the amount of weight a wooden beam can hold is dependent on the wood type that is used and its size where a large beam would withstand higher pressures in comparison to a smaller beam.

As mentioned before, wooden beams are used for the structural support during and after construction. Wooden beams can also have decorative purposes when used. Each beam may emit its own kind aesthetic value adding more elegance to a home or an office. An example of this is the use of wood beams in the flooring of most houses. This would create a customary and unique display of aesthetics in each home making each of them have their own distinctive features.

softwood pine lumber beams

Division of wooden beams into categories

Wooden beams can, however, be categorically grouped according to which wood is being used: oak wood beams, pine beams, spruce wood or they can be categorized according to their construction material. These types include plywood, finger joints, and laminated beams. Laminated beams can be created by piecing together pieces of wood using waterproof adhesive to meet the required set dimensions. Plywood is made from the gluing together of similar pieces of wood equal in height on a horizontal plane surface and all the sides are smoothened to a clean and smooth surface. Finger joints, on the other hand, are made when strips are joined with interlocking and “fingered” joints to prevent any tensile movement within the beam.
Finally, the pros of using wooden beams in construction include its high tolerance levels to withstand any form of natural stress. Wooden beams are also safer to use their ability to act as electrical insulators limiting the risk of electrical shocks occurring. It’s also easy to repair wood once faults occur unlike other construction materials making it more cost-effective and reliable for any type of user.

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