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European solid oak wood

In this category, you will find natural solid oak wood imported from European countries, as well as rustic European oak for the industry, carpentry, commerce, and manufacturing. You can order oak beams, unedged European oak lumber, and air dried oak wood in a variety of qualities (A – D), different experiences (in the air and the oven) and in a different quantity according to demand.

The solid oak wood is mainly intended for various industrial needs like the furniture manufacturing industry, various projects for woodworks, carpentries, and interior design needs. Oak wood timber is one of the most desirable woods mainly for tables, buffets, chests, flooring, luxury entrance doors, stylized legs and more, creating a warm and rural-looking atmosphere. We can also provide solid oak lumber before planing for a rough and hard texture, or and after planing for a smooth and delicate texture to accentuate its color tones.

You can get solid oak wood according to a variety of custom sizes in the quality of your choice including transportation directly to your factory. If you have not found the required measurements or types, you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you

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