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European walnut hardwood timber

In this category, you will find a European walnut hardwood imported from Europe in a variety of configurations such as unfinished walnut wood, walnut wood lumber, steamed walnut lumber. The walnut hardwood comes in a variety of sizes, experiences (in the air or in the oven), qualities and quantities according to demand. The use of European walnut timber is mainly for industry, for the manufacture of furniture and various projects for woodwork and carpentry.

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Unfinished walnut wood

Unfinished walnut wood Description: In the hardwood category, you will find unfinished walnut wood and Unedged walnut lumber made for the wood industry. The Unedged walnut wood lumber is designed in for producing a wide range of furniture like chairs, tables, dressers, sideboards, cupboards, doors and also veneer, plywood, flooring and more. steamed walnut is also available. Color: rich brown - can reach up to [...]