Wooden baby crib

In this category, you can choose a wooden baby crib made of beech wood in Europe, under the European standards. A wooden baby crib is produced in two different sizes: a small wood crib – 69 cm wide and a large wood crib – 82 cm wide. In both solid wood crib, the Length is 96 cm and the height is 82 cm (without wheels.

The wooden baby crib comes in natural wood color (polyurethane color) after polyurethane lacquer. The baby crib is suitable for kindergartens, day care centers, and various institutions. Maximum weight to be used is 15 kg when the maximum thickness of the mattress is 5 cm. The wooden baby crib is durable, strong and especially comfortable.
The solid wood crib is produced in Europe and imported primarily for industry, factories and marketing chains for kindergartens, non-profit organizations, boarding schools, institutions and more.

You will be able to obtain beech logs in a variety of custom sizes according to the quality of your choice, including direct transportation to your factory/shop. If you have not found the desired measurements or designs, you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

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