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Unedged oak lumber


In this category, you’ll find unedged oak lumber and rough cut lumber. The unedged oak lumber is designed as a raw material for the industry, particularly in the field of wooden furniture manufacturing. The rough lumber is used for desks, plate’s legs, chairs, dressers, sideboards and also Cabinets, doors, wood veneer, plywood, flooring, barrels for aging and much more

Color: A rich greyish brown

Quantity: Per cubic meter

quality:  A | B | C | D | RUSTIC


Length: 2 meter +

width: 16 cm +

thickness: 25 / 32 / 38 / 50 mm

Humidity: dried in oven 8 – 12% / wet

  • Shipping and transporting to any place in the world

  • Manufacturing according to a variety of custom sizes and dimensions
  • Quality by choice at competitive prices

Unedged oak lumber

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    More information on unedged oak lumber

    Oak lumber has a coarse and hard texture but after processing it the texture gets a smooth and gentle feeling (depending on the finishing level). There are approximately 450 different species of oak wood and they grew up mostly in the northern parts of the Earth. Most oak wood can be found in forests in the carbonated areas. Oak rough cut lumber is one of the most common and desirable lumber for industrial and decorative products. We can use unedged oak lumber in its unprocessed Shape primarily for processing plates, tables, and sideboards, to get a countryside and warm look. Rough lumber such as oak wood can be used for additional interior furnishings such as furniture feet and wooden chairs, as well as for the construction of barrels and tubs for aging alcohol, flooring, veneer cabinets, etc. In ancient times the rough cut oak lumber was used to build ships and boats, agricultural tools and even for heating.

    The unedged oak lumber is very popular for a full range of furniture manufacturing and industrials propose because of its natural rich and powerful appearance, that integrates very well with his colourful shades. The rough lumber grows slowly and therefore its strength and fibers density is high and can give him high Loading capabilities and low-pressure condition wear enabling longer product life. Wood oak also reacts well with hand tools, machinery, iron, water vapour, colours and various adhesives to create great bends.

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