Wood Supply

Mijatovic Ltd is an international wood import and wood export company, that supplies raw wood materials and wood products worldwide for a variety of industries and factories. Among different types of wood, Mijatovic Ltd – wood supplier specializes in importing and supplying softwood and hardwood lumber from Europe like beech, oak, pine, spruce and more. In Addison to raw wood materials, we supply wholesale of wooden products such as solid wood beds, single and bunk wooden beds, wooden chairs for, kindergarten, schools, and different Institutes and companies.

Wood Import and wood Export products

Hardwood Lumber

European wood supply of hardwood lumber and timber such as solid beech wood and solid oak wood in different shapes and configurations: wood mouldings profiles, beech and oak lumber, unedged lumber, wood elements and wooden beams

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Softwood Lumber

European wood supply of softwood lumber and soft timber such as spruce and pine lumber in different shapes and configurations: finger jointed pine boards and all kinds of wood beams – spruce beams, laminated beams and pine beams

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Wood furniture

European solid wood furniture made from hardwood beech such as solid wood beds – single beds, bunk bed and solid oak beds, you can find also small wooden chairs for kids and kindergarten and wooden dining chairs made from beech wood

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Wooden beams

Solid wood beams of hardwood and softwood mainly for building needs such as light construction and wood construction. The lumber beams and timber beams can be obtained in killed dried in the oven or in the air, as well as before or after planing

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Solid beech wood

Solid beech wood supply for the industry, and for the manufacture of furniture and for various projects. beech wood in a variety of configurations: wood mouldings and profiles, elements, unedged Beech lumber, steamed beech lumber and more

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Solid Oak wood

European solid oak wood and timber for the industry, carpentry, commerce, and manufacturing. European oak beams unedged solid oak lumber, air dried oak lumber and other oak wood timber in a variety of sizes, qualities, humidities, and quantities.

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Mijatovic Ltd wood supplier

Mijatovic Ltd Company has been operating for decades in the field of wood import and wood export of raw wood materials and finished wood products to various industries and factories around the world. Mijatovic Ltd is a wood supplier of European beech, oak, pine and spruce in a variety of prices, sizes, shapes, and different qualities according to customer requirements. All the wood supply is primarily for factories and industries that are producing furniture, kitchens, and also for various projects.

In addition, Mijatovic Ltd – wood supplier works in cooperation with different governments standards institutes such a the FSC in target countries, that are responsible for quality control, ensuring that all of the wood products and the importation process is within the international regulations for maintaining fair trade and safety products. Mijatovic Ltd cooperates with dozens of factories across Europe, and can provide you with a variety of products that are manufactured on request and according to the customer required measurements. We have the ability to provide a verity of different products that are custom made and transport them anywhere in the world at competitive prices. Mijatovic Ltd operates in commitment and transparency towards customers, suppliers and business partners in integrating business goals of the company, compliance with obligations and maintaining Sustainability

Hard and soft wood supply

The wood is imported mainly from Europe and can be ordered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and in different qualities customized according to customer requirements. The Imported wood is mainly for the heavy industry like wood furniture manufacturing plants, carpentry workshops, warehouses and traders, workshops, and construction companies. The wood import and export including the supply of solid wood furniture is according to personal orders and according to the minimum amount for the order. You can find a variety of raw materials and wood products such as beech wood moulding and profiles, wood elements, wood beams, wooden lumber in different sizes, and more. You will also find rough cut lumber to your satisfaction or unedged and unprocessed raw wood for production and processing, modified upon request.

Our services

How can we help? We at Mijatovic Ltd – wood supplier have decades of experience in wood import, wood export and supplying of raw hardwood and wood products. We work with dozens of factories across Europe and have the ability to provide you with a variety of raw hardwood materials and various wood products in a variety of configurations, sizes, and qualities by selection. We can also provide and arrange transportation to anywhere in the world at a competitive prices

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