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Solid wooden chairs

In this category, you will find a variety of wooden chairs imported and manufactured in Europe according to European standards. The chairs are made of beech wood, which is considered one of the best raw materials for the production of wooden furniture. The beech wood allows the design and the creation of high quality, strong chairs with a very long shelf life.

In the category of solid wood chairs, you will find wooden chairs for children, for kinder gardens, preschools, and solid wood chairs for dining area intended mainly for the various factories, stores, and marketing chains. All of the chairs are made according to demand in different sizes and customization. The chairs are made of solid beech wood, without a combination of veneer, MDF, melamine or wood-like materials.

You can also get the wooden chairs in production according to a variety of different sizes and customize according to the qualities and raw materials you choose, including transportation directly to your store or factory all over the world. If you have not found the required measurements or types, you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you

Watch a variety of solid wood chairs of your choice

Modern walnut wood chair

Modern walnut wood chair Description: Defined with simple, accurate forms, the modern walnut wood chair collection evokes all the beauty of the solid wood. legs make the identifiable ornament characteristic to all the products from this collection. The modern walnut chair is composed of a high armchair, low armchair, footrest stool, bar stool, stool and coffee table. Color: Rich brown Quantity:  The [...]

Kids wooden chair

Kids wooden chair Description: In the category of wooden chairs, you will find a kids wooden chair for children, made from beech wood and manufactured using different bending methods. The kids wooden chair can be obtained in different sizes, including standard dimensions of 30 cm. the childs wooden chair is suitable for kindergartens, elementary schools, boarding schools, day care centers and more. The wooden child seat [...]

Wooden dining chairs

Wooden dining chairs Description In the category of wooden chairs, you will find solid wooden dining chairs and wooden kitchen chairs. The wooden dining room chairs are made from beech wood and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and designs. The wooden dining chair is especially strong and comfortable and is suitable mainly for dining areas, living rooms, kitchens and more. The solid wood [...]

Chair for kindergarten

Chair for kindergarten Description: In the category of wooden chairs, you will find wooden chairs for kindergarten and wooden preschool chairs made from beech wood and manufactured using different bending methods. You can get the chairs in different sizes, including a standard size of 30 cm. The chair for kindergarten can be used as a wooden furniture for child care centers, wooden preschool chairs and more. [...]