Solid wood furniture

In this category, choose from a variety of solid wood furniture imported from Europe. The hardwood furniture are made for the industry and for various marketing chains. Real wood furniture without a combination of melamine, Formica, MDF or other similar materials. All the wood furniture are made of hardwood such as beech wood and oak wood. You can also order the wooden furniture in custom designs for your convenience in different sizes and measurements


The uniqueness of solid wood furniture

Why are hardwood furniture preferable to furniture made from other materials? Genuine real wood furniture provides elegance and warmth to your home which is unparalleled in addition to beauty and quality. In choosing the type of solid wood furniture that will give the best look to the house, there are a number of important decisions to make sure that the furniture we purchased will stay with us over time. One of the top choices in this category is beech wood furniture.

Wooden beds

Solid wood beds are manufactured using a wide selection of wood, each offering a wide range of different characteristics. Wooden beds can be made from beech, pine, maple, oak and more. There are a variety of different types of trees that guarantee quality and long product life

Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs evolve because they offer us comfort in which we can stop doing everything we do to sit and rest for a while. There are a wide variety of different designs for wooden chairs to add or create a unique style to the designated room. Wooden chairs can be padded whether it is a fabric or leather, the legs can be cut with custom designs and much more

Wooden Baby crib

Wooden baby crib and playhouses are strong, utilitarian and of great value. There is a wide selection of different solid wood cribs when each of them comes in different sizes and accents for each need and personal taste.

The main advantage of solid wood baby cribs its strength. Natural wood baby cribs are stronger and more durable than other types such as plastic or wood-like materials. Another advantage is immunity and durability over time. If the wooden baby crib is treated well, it can be effective even after many years later. The last advantage in that the natural wood crib is in a minimum effort for a high-quality home item. Especially when you choose to buy self-assembled items.

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