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Spruce Beams


In the softwood category will find a variety of wooden spruce beams. White wood beams are made for industrial and construction purposes such as Traditional construction and wood construction. You can get air dried timber or killed dried in the oven as well as before or after planing, in different sizes and shapes on demand. Solid wood spruce beams are intended mainly for the industry to get a rustic warm and clean appearance qualities.

Color: Creamy white, with a hint of yellow and/or red

Quantity: Per cubic meter

quality: on demand


Length: up to 12 meter

width: from 10 – 70 cm

thickness: up to 15 cm

Humidity: KD in oven 6 – 10% / Air dried up to 25%

  • Shipping and transporting to any place in the world

  • Manufacturing according to a variety of custom sizes and dimensions
  • Quality by choice at competitive prices

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    white spruce wood beams

    More information on Spruce beams

    White wood beams are very easy to work with, mainly because of its low density. White wood beams can produce a variety of wooden products in different shapes in relative easy Process. The spruce wood Respond well to all kinds of adhesives and paints, although sometimes we can have unwanted results like spots and consistency in the process. Thus it is recommended to use sealants, gels or toner. The white spruce beams have no smell and are rated as one of the most resistant to woods against decomposition.

    Due to its high incidence spruce wood is very common and popular for industrial uses for construction in the recent years, and you can get it relatively easily and cheaply especially in eastern Europe. Spruce beams are a great addition to all internal and external design project as support beams for living rooms, pergolas or wooden houses made entirely of wood, that can give him a warm rural structure and an antique appearance. In addition, the white wood is widely used for the production of furniture, paper (pulpwood), building boards, boxes and even as musical instruments.

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