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Beech wood mouldings


In this category, you’ll find a variety of beech wood mouldings. Wood mouldings are used for manufacturing and designing wood element and should give a unique design for wood frames, legs of different furniture, doors, Windows, shelves, shelving, cabinets, tables, chairs, wall Cover and many more. We can design a decorative wood profiles according to customer requirements and demands.

Color: Reddish yellow and after evaporation turns red

Quantity: Per cubic meter

quality: clean


On Demand

Humidity: dried in oven 8 – 12%

  • Shipping and transporting to any place in the world

  • Manufacturing according to a variety of custom sizes and dimensions
  • Quality by choice at competitive prices

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    Beech wood mouldings

    More information on Beech wood mouldings

    Beech wood mouldings have a smooth texture and they are considered as one of the most effective hardwood mouldings for the wood industry because they are is very convenient for processing wood products. Beech wood mouldings also called beech wood profiles respond well to bends and various of labels to create multilayer wood. Beech wood, in addition, does not provoke allergic reactions, can generate a long product life and quite common across Europe enabling a fair trade in competitive prices.

    Hard wood profiles

    Wood profiles ( wood mouldings ) have a smooth texture especially after they have been are varnished. In addition, Beech wood is also very comfortable for painting in oils and water because it is best absorbed into its pores. We can design for you a wide range of different decorative wood profiles in different dimensions, using only drawings and sketches (or photos). we can Customize hardwood mouldings and bend profiles using CNC and other special machines. Beech wood is defined as a medium-high density hardwood which gives him the ability to manufacture strong wood products, with long-lasting product life.

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