Spruce lumber

In this category, you will find a wide variety of spruce lumber beams, which are manufactured, cut and customized according to demand. The spruce lumber is imported from European countries, in a variety of dimensions, qualities and experiences (dry in the air or in the oven) on demand.
You can choose a planed white spruce timber that is used mainly for manufacturing furniture in various industries, or wood for construction at a variety of prices for light construction and wood construction.

The spruce lumber is one of the most popular wood for various construction needs. Mainly because of its low weight, which enables transportation more easily because of its low density, which also allows more convenient work to create shapes and profiles, and also because of its immunity against the various pests.
The spruce timber is also a good reagent for adhesives and allows Finger and Laminated connections to create complex profiles and wood beams.

You will be able to get white spruce timber in production according to a variety of custom sizes according to the quality you choose, including transportation directly to your factory. If you have not found the desired measurements or types, you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

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Spruce beams

Spruce Beams Description: In the softwood category will find a variety of wooden spruce beams. White wood beams are made for industrial and construction purposes such as Traditional construction and wood construction. You can get air dried timber or killed dried in the oven as well as before or after planing, in different sizes and shapes on demand. Solid wood spruce beams are intended mainly for [...]