Wood supply for furniture and the manufacturing industry

Mijatovic Ltd. is an international company providing wood supply services for the manufacture of furniture and for various industries. We work with dozens of manufacturing plants throughout Europe, that are capable of producing and cutting wood according to different sizes and customizations and can provide transportation to anywhere in the world at competitive prices

Manufacturing facilities

We at Mijatovic Ltd works with dozens of plants and factories across Europe. We have the ability to provide for you a variety of custom products for your industrial needs. With a full line of hardwood, softwood and wood furniture Mijatovic Ltd. can meet the diverse needs of their customers.

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Production and a woodcut

We can offer you a variety of hardwood products in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. You can send us a sketch, a picture or a drawing according to the required dimensions and the design you want and we will produce the product for you in the highest finishing level.

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Transport and forwarding

Mijatovic Ltd is an international company that works in different parts of the world. You can book with us a variety of wood products and we will transport them for you anywhere and anytime

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Competitive prices

You can find us at Mijatovic Ltd a variety of wood products and wood raw material that are manufactured mostly in Eastern Europe, without intermediaries and at Reasonable prices

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Looking for a wood supplier?

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