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European Lumber

In this category, you can choose European Lumber from oak or beech in a variety of sizes from 1 – 2 meters, with thicknesses of 25 – 80 mm, A – D and rustic qualities, in different experiences (dry in the oven/air or wet). The edged European Lumber comes directly from Eastern and Central Europe and is imported mainly for industry, especially for the furniture manufacturing industry, woodwork, carpentries and various projects.

European Lumber is mainly used as a raw material for the industry for the production of tables, chairs, buffets, floors, cladding, chests, beds, wooden beams and much more. The use of a hardwood in its cut form is most common in the manufacturing industry because of its rich, natural and strong appearance, which offers a luxurious and warm look to various wooden furniture.

You can get trimmed wood from oak or beech wood, manufactured according to a variety of custom sizes according to the quality of your choice, including transportation directly to your factory. If you have not found the required measurements, you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

Watch a variety of European Lumber of your choice

oak lumber

European red oak lumber Description: In this category, you'll find European red oak lumber, before and after planing. Oak hardwood lumber is designed as a raw material for the industry, especially in different types of furniture such as desks, plates legs, chairs, sideboards, and other uses such as cabinets, doors, wood veneer, plywood, flooring, barrels for alcohol ageing and much more. Color: A rich [...]

Beech lumber

European Beech lumber Description: In this category, you will find European beech lumber Intended for the industry. Beech wood lumber, in particular, is used for producing and designing a wide range of furniture like chairs, tables, dressers, sideboards, cabinets, doors, flooring, solid surfaces, etc Color: Reddish yellow and after evaporation turns red Quantity: Per cubic meter quality:  A | B [...]