Hardwood Lumber

In this category, you can find European hardwood lumber and timber intended for industries, factories, and workshops. You can choose hardwood timber that is custom made for you in different measurements, qualities, and humidities. chose between unedged oak lumber, hardwood timber, wooden beams, hardwood beech elements, wood mouldings and other European lumber in a variety of sizes.


Hardwood Lumber for industry

When looking at a home plan, it’s easy to determine the specifications of the house and the underlying structure. Although the design looks lovely on print, transforming it into a concrete house is quite challenging. It takes lots of hard works and budget to create your dream house. As you plan your new home, make special attention to the quality of materials you intend to use. Engineers and expert home designer and builders prefer only the best products for their projects. This includes hardwood lumber.

Hardwood lumber comes from trees which their leaves fall annually and blooms in the spring usually producing fruits or flowers. Some of the commune hardwood timber are Ipe, oak, beech, Tigerwood, maple, birch, walnut, and Garapa. These are all excellent woods for building things such as decks and furniture. Softwood comes from trees with needles, trees that remain green throughout the year and drop cones. Some softwood is cedar, redwood and treated pine, these woods are perfect for inside home projects like tables, beds, dressers and all do very well with stains and sealers.

Lumber is an important part of a home building and decorating. It is used for flooring, furniture, beams and slabs building for reinforcing the home structure. Hardwood lumber (mostly European lumber) is derived from angiosperm trees or deciduous trees. They have beautiful ring patterns that provide its sturdy quality and usually, they can be found in tropical regions. Each wood has its distinct design, color, and characteristic which make it great for specific home parts. Here are some wood species commonly used for woodworks.


There are lots of distinct species of oak trees grown in the USA and Europe. European lumber and hardwood manufacturers commonly prefer white and red oak varieties. Among all other hardwoods, oak has two qualities which make it great for any kind woodwork. It’s great because of its naturally occurring Tannin which prevents insect and fungus infestation thus it is durable and lasts longer than other hardwood timber. European Oak lumber also has a characteristic grain marking that makes it great for furniture manufacturing.


The beech wood grows mainly in Europe, USA, and Canada. The wood is very popular for wood manufactures since it is relatively common, durable and easy to work with, among other hardwood lumber. It’s good against abrasion and very convenient for work to produce decorative shapes and curvature.

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