Pine Lumber

In this category, you will find pine lumber, as well as a polished pine wood per meter imported from European countries, in a variety of wooden profiles connected by Pinter Joint in production and customization on demand. You can order a variety of pine lumber according to different sizes, different experiences (dry in the oven or in the air) and in different forms upon request.

The pine timber is mainly designed for various industrial needs like furniture manufacturing industry, for various projects of woodworks, carpentry, and building needs. The pine lumber is one of the most common and most comfortable woods for work, mainly because of its low price and density, which enables transportation more easily than hardwood.

The pine timber has different shades from dark orange to golden yellow and also responds well to various adhesives that allow Finger and Laminated connections to create custom profiles.

You can get a pine timber in a variety of custom sizes according to the quality of your choice including transportation directly to your factory. If you have not found the required measurements or types, you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

Watch a variety of pine lumber of your choice

Pine beams

Pine Beams Description: In the softwood category will find a variety of pine wood beams. Pine beams are designed primarily for construction purposes such as traditional construction and wood construction. You can get it air dried pine timber beams or killed dried in the oven as well as before or after planing, in different sizes on demand. Wooden pine beams lumber are intended mainly for industrials purposes [...]

Finger jointed pine

Finger jointed pine Description: In the softwood category will find a variety of pine moulding and elements connected by finger joint. Finger jointed pine is used as s raw material for manufacturing and designing wood elements for wooden frames and wooden legs of different furniture: doors, Windows, shelves, cabinets, tables, chairs, wall cladding and many more. We can design finger joint wood in decorative profiles and elements [...]