Wood mouldings

In this category, you can choose from a variety of wood mouldings made of beech wood or wood profiles made of finger Joint from pine, which are imported from Europe and are intended for the manufacturing industries, woodworking plants, carpentries and special projects. The wood mouldings are mainly made for frames and legs for various wooden furniture and are mainly used for various wooden furnitures such as beds, chests, cabinets, tables and etc. mainly designed as decorative elements.

You can choose between decorative wood profiles for frames in a variety of dimensions, qualities, quantities, and personal adjustments. All of the wood profiles are dried in the oven at a humidity of between 8 – 12%.
For your convenience, you can choose wood mouldings made of soft wood (pine and white wood) that are offered at attractive prices and are especially comfortable for work. You can also choose hardwood mouldings made of beech wood that offer durability, strength, long product life and luxurious design.

You can get wooden profiles in a variety of custom sizes according to the quality of your choice including transportation directly to your factory. If you have not found the measurements or profiles you are welcome to contact us on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

Watch a variety of wood profiles of your choice