What You Need to Know About Solid Oak Wood, Planks and Sheets

It’s common for most people to make the mistake of thinking that there’s only one type of oak wood. It’s only when you start shopping for furniture new terms such as solid wood, fiberboard, MDF, and engineered wood are emerging. This is the point at which most people start to get confused and end up buying the cheapest wood.

This is just a big mistake as there’s an ocean of difference between the quality of fiberboard and solid oak wood. In this article, we are going to cover some of the wood types and woodcuts. Furthermore, we are going to discuss why it’s highly advisable that you buy your wood from an experienced and trusted seller.

Wood Type

Nowadays, oak wood may come in many different forms. On the one end of the spectrum are the particle boards. Like fiberboard and MDF. These are the cheapest and the least durable. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the solid oak wood. This type of wood is cut from a larger piece of wood, thus the term “solid.” For contrast, particle boards are crafted from compressed wood chips and sawdust

Solid oak wood also comes in many different cuts. 25 / 32 / 38 / 50 mm and more. The most popular ones are the solid oak wood planks and solid oak wood sheet.

Solid oak wood plank comes with an elongated, rectangular and flat shape. Wood planks serve a plethora of purposes from furniture support to flooring.
Solid oak wood sheets are thin slices of wood, which is typically less than 3mm. Wood sheets are often glued to flat panels such to produce doors, other furniture, parquet floors, and cabinetry.

Importance of A High-Quality Oak Wood Supplier

Solid woods are the most expensive type of wood. Hence, it’s best that you do your research before buying from a supplier to avoid costly mistakes. Below are some of the critical reasons why a high-quality supplier is of utmost importance.

High-Quality Craftmanship

Cutting oak wood lumber is not an exact science. This is because every wood is different. You need the expertise of an experienced artisan to ensure that you get the wood in the necessary dimensions and required qualities


Reliability is a very important factor when choosing an oak wood supplier. Keep in mind that most people buy a wood piece as a part of a project in progress. If the supplier doesn’t deliver on the date promised, the project would grind to a halt or at least prolong the timeline


Wood is a relatively sensitive material. By this we mean it can shrink, expand and bend depending on several factors. Getting your wood from a quality supplier means that the artisan has already made the necessary adjustments to ensure that you get the most accurate dimensions as possible.

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