The beech wood uses and properties

Beechwood is a light hardwood with a large grain and medium to high hardness. Sometimes it is not the simplest wood for craftsmen, but if you know how to use it, it is usually worth the effort and time it takes. The furniture received will be the most beautiful and have a light color that fits well for each room.

The benefits of beech

Unlike others, beech wood has several other advantages, which in many ways give furniture a preferred edge advantage over furniture made from other trees. One of its famous properties is it odorless. therefore, it can accommodate a wide range of spaces and rooms. If you do not want the smell of wood in your bedroom or living room, beech wood is a great choice.

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The disadvantages of the beech wood

However, there are cases where furniture that is made of beech wood timber are not the best option. Among its different properties, Beech absorbs a lot of moisture. Then it makes sense that it is not most suitable for outdoor furniture or places with very humid air because it will swell and will be destroyed very quickly. It can happen, for example, to closet doors. If the closet is next to the beach, it will absorb great humidity, and after a certain time, it will be very difficult to close or open its doors.

Therefore, if you live in a very humid place, near the sea for example, or you want to intend your furniture outside the house, you will not be able to use beech wood. Of course, it is also not recommended for most kitchens or bathrooms for the same reasons. Also, on the patio, if you are not sure that the furniture has not been wet or exposed to the humidity of the morning or afternoon, you should not use this wood

The bottom line

Beech wood uses and properties have many advantages and disadvantages. But even with the limitations of beech wood for beach furniture, you will find that cabinets made of beech drawers, beds or other furniture can be a great addition to any room. The fresh light color and durability make it ideal for use in the bedroom and living room. Also, for dining tables and chairs. If the area is not exposed to extremely high humidity, beech furniture will survive for a very long time and many years.

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