Sustainability and environment

The importance of wood and forests are extremely relevant in the maintenance of earth ecologic system, and the oxygen preservation in a certain percentage which is a life source to all living on the planet.
As we all learned the plants are using the photosynthesis process to turn carbon dioxide and water to oxygen molecules which allow the human existence. The general opinion now days is that deforestation rises the carbon dioxide percentage and diminish the oxygen ones, as the wall it affects other Dimensions in climate as temperature, Evaporation rates and Amount of precipitation, which will contribute to the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer. All of those facts are true but there are more facts we would like to share.

Imported wood from Europe

In order to respond to those opinions, we will emphasize that the wood is imported from European countries where industrial forests are being implemented, unlike most of the rainforests which are located in third world countries and the supervision on the forests are extremely low and often doesn’t exist. Industrial forests are forests which have high inspection over the amount of uprooting and replanting of wood. The supervision is in the hands of the government and other worldwide environmental organizations like the FSC that their goal is to inspect over the replantation of trees after every initiated logging in order to supply wood and raw materials to all industries that are using processed wood around the world. The industrials forests are strict and well managed and even their areas are growing each year. The management of these forests is characterized by ecological preservation that is purpose is to preserve the ground, the water source, prevent natural infections and to improve the habitat of all animals populated in the area.

In addition to those facts, the wood is a natural material, which comes apart very quickly into the environment and contributes to the ecological balance, unlike different plastic materials (mostly one-time use), metals and construction materials that take them hundreds of years to dissolve whereas wood products take only ten. The manufacturing process often discharges many chemicals pollutes as a by-product. The wood is friendly to the environment also because of the reason that a lot less energy is being invested for manufacturing these raw materials then in other industries, which reduce the increased use of fossil fuels as carbon, oil, and gas.

Another fact is that concrete and steel, the main material that buildings are being built of contribute about 8% to Greenhouse gas emissions in their process, and in fact the building construction in the last century that is characterized in materials such as concrete and steel is about 47% of all Greenhouse gas emissions compared to the 33% of transportation and 19% of other industries. ( read more on FSC )

wood supply from Europe