Sawdust products and wood chips

MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF Is an industrial wood, an artificial woodwork material made from sawdust residues and grinding sand, cellulose fibres, or a mixture of both, remaining after sawing the main tree trunk, first created in the United States in 1966
Production Process – In the process of manufacturing the MDF, the wood residue is transferred to a process of filtering and sifting, designed to separate them into fine, uniform fibres. These fibres are dried in the oven and mixed with resin glue, and then poured into flat moulds in which the MDF is compressed by high pressure and heated to obtain a uniform and smooth surface that is cut to the desired level


The particleboard is an industrial wood panel made up of wood chips, sawdust, and wood waste, which are mixed together and mixed with the phenolic-based adhesive. The mixture is conquered and compressed in the process of extrusion into flat plates. In the cross-section of the board, unlike the MDF board, the wood chips can be clearly seen
The chipboards are Inferior to the MD


A mixture of wood chips with or without adhesive, high-pressure pickles (pressure lower than MDF preparation but still very high) and at high temperature
With a relatively small specific weight. Mainly used for the back of the cabinets and the bottom of the bed the thickness of the board is determined according to the amount of the wood mixture and the glue in the meter
Comes in size: 122X244 cm thick: 2.5 mm


The board is produced from flat wood chips mixed with glue when the chips are arranged in different directions of the board So that a board similar in characteristics to the blade is created. It has a very high bending strength mainly used for building walls, ceilings and places where high strength of the board is required
The thickness of the board is determined according to the amount of the wood mixture and the glue in the meter

Flex board

Is a material made of wood fibres compressed together like a bit, but its compression ratios are higher the Flex board is constructed as a single tube along which pipes are shaped along the length of each plate The Flex board is used to fill wooden doors as a constructive material with relatively high acoustic insulation ability

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