Natural oak: main uses

The oak wood has a variety of uses, the wood is known as hardwood, with great strength and high durability. Oak wood beams, for example, are often used as the interior beams of different buildings and are also used in the process of manufacturing furniture such as beds, tables and more.
Oak furniture production has become one of the most popular options in a modern home. Very often suppliers tend to “mix” solid pieces of wood with veneer in order to reduce the price to a commercial level. Most prices of solid oak and solid oak furniture will be higher, but on the other hand, they will also reflect the quality of the item.

Oak wood for home

Many homes now have oak kitchens, work surfaces or panels of various kinds. As well as standard housewares, including chests, chests of drawers, beds and also closets often. The saying “buy cheap, buy twice” comes to mind when thinking about purchasing natural oak furniture. Hardwood oak products are generally considered as the choice of furniture for life.
In addition, its resistance to “attacks” by insects and fungi is another factor that leads to oak selection for interior design, including the most popular use for solid wood floors in many places in the world.

solid oak king size bed

Additional Uses

Among other uses of natural oak wood, it is also used to produce barrels for the aging of alcoholic beverages including wine. The combination of oak barrels with wine can actually add or change the various natural properties of the drink. Depending on the type of wine and the type of oak, it can contribute to the aroma and color of the drink. The European solid oak wood bark can also be used for the production of wine jams.
Solid oak chips are often used to smoke food (a process of aromatization, cooking or canning). Food exposed to smoke as a result of burning wood, especially with fish, meat or cheese, to add a unique flavor.

Hardwood oak additionally can also be used for the construction of drums. Oak’s hardness can give the drums a stronger sound, which gives them a lot of strength and unique acoustics.

View examples of oak beams

air dried oak beams

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