Hardwood beams vs. softwood beams

There are various types of wooden beams, hardwood beams, softwood beams, white wooden beams and more… When each of them has different features, advantages, and disadvantages. In the article, we will discuss the differences between hardwood beams and softwood beams, and the pros and cons of each of them for industry and construction.

The differences between hardwood beams compared to softwood beams

As noted earlier there are different types of woods and different types of beams… Among them are oak beams, hardwood beams logs, and soft wooden beams. From the name, one can think that hardwood beams are the best in terms of heaviness, strength and even practicality.

Hardwood beams usually have more weight and higher density than soft and other wood beams. Softwood beams, on the other hand, are considered to be more robust against environmental hazards (such as rot) and are lighter. The physical structure of these two types is different, and the usability in different fields is sometimes not identical at all. When hardwood is considered more durable, softwood is more practical.

European imported pine beams

The differences between the two types can be seen only by the experienced, with small differences that can be seen on the surface without using any tools. The softwood does not display visible pores and does not display the prominent grains, such as the hardwood. In addition, most of the hardwood trees are much darker than the soft ones.

We may also be able to identify the hardwood through its wide leaves, where the softwood usually has cones and needles.

Examples of soft, and hardwood

Soft trees include cedar, fir, larch, Sequoia, pine and more…

Hardwood trees include oak, beech, maple, walnut and more…


Although the hardwood is popular, especially teak and oak, softwood are used more frequently all over the world. The softwood is used in about 80% of all trees used for construction. The main reason behind such wide use is the price. Softwood is simply cheaper than the hardwood. Also, most of the softwood grow faster than the hardwood and are considered more environmentally friendly trees. Because the weight and density of the softwood are smaller, it is possible to work and process them more easily.


When it comes to durability, hardwood is more durable than the soft ones. They are commonly used for complex constructions that require greater durability and longevity. These trees are widely used in various historic houses, and can often be found as ancient floors or decks that have survived to this day.

In addition, furniture made of hardwood is considered to be of the highest quality. Most of these types of furniture are also considered to be more expensive and can be ideal and durable over many years compared to soft ones.

hardwood oak beams

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