Beech Wood in Different Places in the World

Beech wood belongs to the family of Fagaceae, which is native to North America, Asia, and Europe. A number of latest classifications recognize the existence of about 13 of its species divided into two different subgenera, namely, Fagusand Engleriana. The commonly found Fagus beeches features towering, sturdy trunks and silver-grey bark and includes Fagussylvatica, Faguslucida, and Fagusgrandifolia. On the other side, Englerianais found only in the eastern region of Asia and features low branches and yellowish bark.

Beech lumber is considered as a hardwood lumber and is of great use to the ecosystem as well as humans. Ecologically speaking, beech lumber offers food to several animals such as wild turkeys, squirrels, raccoons, and caterpillars. As far as humans are concerned, their needs are quite amply fulfilled by the beech wood in many ways. Across the globe, you will find out that beech is procured for multiple uses which have been mentioned below:

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The uses of beech wood in different places

1. American Beech is essentially hardwood lumber, and due to its innate strength, it is used in the making of furniture, containers, woodenware, and handles.

2. Similarly, the edged wood of European beech lumber is employed in the making of various implements and objects. Due to its resistance to splitting and compression, it is well-suited for simple carpentry works, especially furniture. The industrialists can use either unedged or edged wood for such works.

3. Beech trees have been used for ornamental purposes for a long time, especially the European and American beech lumber – though the former is more popular even in regions where American Beech grows.

European Beech lumber grows fast and shows more tolerance towards urban settings than American beech, and hence, you would often find them embellishing parks and community gardens not just in Europe, but also in regions such as New Zealand and North America. Some of the varieties of European Beech used for this purpose include Fern-leaf Beech, Weeping beech, Golden Beech, and Copper Beech.

4. The bark of both European and American beech wood is often used for carving purposes to create sculptures, ornaments, various tools or works of art. There are a lot of hardwood lumber that can be used for this purpose but the beech lumber is quite popular because he is very common and available in a competitive price

5. Interestingly, early humans once fed on beechnuts, but they do not do so any longer. They, nevertheless, kept on using the nuts for various purposes such as obtaining cooking oil and lamp oil in the 19th century England.

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