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Wood Import and Export in the World for 2018

Wood Import and Export in the World for 2018 When manufacturing plants are able to maintain competitive prices in a growing market the forecasts for 2018 are opening with an optimistic outlook. The economic outlook worldwide looks very strong for this year and next. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is forecasting a 3.6% growth [...]

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The use of Decorative Beech Wood Profiles

The use of Decorative Beech Wood Profiles Beech wood is valuable hardwood lumber that has an enormous use. They attend to both interior and exterior sections of a structure. They are used to make furniture and flooring just to mention but a few Beech wood, like stated above, have a vast of applications. They [...]

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Sustainability and environment

Sustainability and environment The importance of wood and forests are extremely relevant in the maintenance of earth ecologic system, and the oxygen preservation in a certain percentage which is a life source to all living on the planet. As we all learned the plants are using the photosynthesis process to turn carbon dioxide and [...]

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Sawdust products and wood chips

Sawdust products and wood chips MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard MDF Is an industrial wood, an artificial woodwork material made from sawdust residues and grinding sand, cellulose fibres, or a mixture of both, remaining after sawing the main tree trunk, first created in the United States in 1966 Production Process - In the process [...]

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